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  • We can improve the shape, size, color, position and bite
    of your natural teeth.
  • We can correct "underbite", "overbite" or "crossbite" looks.
  • We make non-surgical face lift for full denture patient
    into a high aesthetic profile.
  • We can correct gummy smile.
  • We can make full denture while you wait.
  • We can improve Discolored natural teeth.
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  Our teeth play a very important role in the external outlook of our face. They even give some impressions of our personality. On the other hand, defective teeth formation like malocclusion, rotated, malposed, underbite, overbite, crossbite and position of teeth, as well as teeth discoloration are negative factors for a person. These may even affect the person adversely. Inferiority complex, low self-esteem or loss of confidence is just a few to mention. When the dental features of the patient that are being treated form a symmetry with his facial features, taking into consideration the usual oral health or hygiene and the good sets of teeth in its normal size, shape, bite, position and color, resulting in a better facial appearance, that is Cosmetic Dentistry.

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